Saturday, November 23, 2013


George Hammond hosted a lovely sit-down chat about all things Tekumel from the UCON Gaming Convention. It was an absolutely wonderful chat. 

 Many thanks to all that participated. What was really neat about the chat was that we were all hooked directly into the UCON 2013 Tekumel Trac's Joyful Sitting! That was really cool.

Above is Chirine showing us his Golden Seal. More photos are in the album posting I linked above.

Also make sure to join the Tekumel community on Google+ if you get a chance. That community is located here: GM's occasionally do run virtual online rpg modules in the Tekumel setting online using Google+ Hangouts. IF you want a demo of how to use Google+ Hangouts, get in touch with me (Peter Robbins -

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  1. That is Chirene's _Gold of Glory_, given for unsurpassed duties given to the Petal Throne. Similar to a Presidential Medal of Freedom or perhaps a Congressional Medal of Honor.