Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PROJECT - G+ Tekumel Tracking Site

Greetings Tekumel fans. I've created a quick and simple blog to hold any G+Hangout RPG sessions of Original EPT you may be running in the near future. Just find the posting for the WEEK you wish to run a game during, and leave a COMMENT to that posting with your game details.Please note that you may feel free to post game sessions that utilize a different form of communication or rule-set; but please keep it to Tekumel centered rpg only.

DISCUSSION - You too can have an original "Jeff Dee"!

Jeff Dee, illustrious (pun intended) illustrator extraordinaire has offered to sketch your Tekumel character for a very reasonable rate.

As posted on yahoo group -

Hey, folks:
You may have seen some of my Tekumel art on the Tekumel Project site:

I've also posted some initial concept drawings on my DeviantArt page:

I LOVE drawing Tekumel art! So... anybody want a picture of your Tekumel
character? Scroll down to the bottom part of this page for my character portrait
rates: http://www.prismnet.com/unigames/rates.html

Thanks! :)
-Jeff Dee

Jeff Dee is well known in the biz. Jeff sells himself short above. Here are some illustrations of yester-year from Jeff:

EVENT - Two play-by-post campains restarting soon

Victor Raymond's online Play-by-Post game is in the process of restarting here -


(Insert gratuitous self plug!)
My own Play-by-Post campaign is due to restart within a week over here-


-My offering utilizes a Tekumel conversion of the D6 Fantasy rules. (D6 Fantasy is now a FREE open source rule-set, found here in online srd format) My conversion notes can be found here.
-I believe Victor is running the original EPT whitebox.
-My game has room for '1' additional player.
-You will have to contact Victor on behalf of his game to determine if there are openings still in his campaign.

If you are aware of any ADDITIONAL play-by-post games that are actively 'in play', reply with a link please by adding a comment to this posting.

ARTICLE - Video Review of 'The Book Of Ebon Bindings'

Samwise7RPG on YouTube posted a two part review of The Book Of Ebon Bindings back in June. I'm posting it just in case folks missed it initially:

Part 1 -

LinkPart 2 -

Monday, August 29, 2011

ARTICLE - Updated Tekumel Lineages,Clans,Notes PDF

Alva Hardison posted an extremely impressive updated version of the older Tekumel Lineages, Clans, and Notes document. I've converted it to PDF format, and uploaded it here for public use

Friday, August 26, 2011

PROJECT - Move of M.A.R. Barker's Tekumel Materials

Very good news! Some nice photos in this news article by Hill Canton as well:


And a followup article on his site has a few more details on the materials gathered:


ARTICLE - Brett Slocum on Tekumel Minatures Blog Activities

Brett has posted an article on the latest whisperings and chats regarding miniatures and Tekumel.


DISCUSSION - You too CAN run Empire Of The Petal Throne

Great discussion brewing over at the OD&D boards regarding actually "running" a Tekumel game. Nice work all involved!


ARTICLE - Hill Canton On Google+ And Tekumel RPG

Chris over at the Hill Canton blog is on fire lately! Anyhow, here is another article in regards to Tekumel. Keep them coming Chris!! Great work!


Additional posts on the Hill Canton blog on the topic of Tekumel and Google+ of late can be found here:

PROJECT - Hill Canton's Jakallan Underworld

Chris over at Hill Canton has taken on creating his own large underworld of Jakalla:


PROJECT - Humanspace by "Ix"

"Ix" has created an extremely nice pre -"Time Of Darkness" Tekumel rpg offering here -


Humanspace has great potential to add sci-fi loving RPG fans into the fold of Tekumel.

PROJECT - Tekumel Project Catalog Posted

The Summer 2011 catalog by Tekumel Project has been posted:



As posted originally by George Hammond on the Tekumel yahoo group:

"Once again we hope to have a track of Tekumel events at U•Con, a weekend game
convention at the University of Michigan in November. We've managed to fill the
weekend with Tekumel events just about every year for the last 12 (at least!)
years. If you would like to run any kind of Tekumel event (role-playing game,
board game, miniatures battle, seminar, etc.) now is the time to register. They
have a simple form that you can use over the web to sign up and enter your
event, here on the GM's page:


For starters, what is this site? Well, it is a repository of Tekumel news items. Any event information, discussions of note, articles, new projects, and photos/fanart/fanfiction related to Tekumel will be blurbed here-in by multiple authors.You do NOT have to create new materials, or reprint the originals into this blog. Just link over to where the material already lies. Of course, if it is just a stray photo or message, where no website is involved, post away.

IF you want to add yourself as a blogger to the newsletter site, let me know by emailing me your email information for use in blogspot so I can add you as a posting user to this site. Once I receive your email address, I would go to the admin panel and send a e-vite to you which you can click on an activate your admin access to this site for posting sake.

The intent of this site is not only to tell people who are already Tekumel fans, what's going on. Who needs yet another site to monitor? This is strictly a gathering point to bring together disparate information into a simple, easy to digest monthly newsletter. Something to attract any type of potential player, from retro-clone lovers to modern rpg lovers.


and for initial disclaimer sake...

This work is unofficial and not approved for Tékumel.

Tékumel and its related products and materials are copyright © 1975 and 2010 by Prof. M.A.R. Barker.

This work is not intended in any way to infringe upon that copyright or other intellectual property rights of Prof. M.A.R. Barker.