Monday, December 5, 2011

ARTICLES - Google+ campaign

Dandy in the Underground has two short entries on his own, webinar campaign.

First an article on setup

Second hints at the story line de jour.

He also  links to a more extensive write up over at In Places Deep.

Looks like a bit more on that at Between Good and Awful. from another player..

edit.. that last one may be a different campaign.. just not enough detail for me to be sure..

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  1. Hi, I'm Jeremy. I blog over at

    The second play report, by Jason Kielbasa, is from Chris Kutalik's EPT campaign. The two campaigns are linked, being set in the same "version" of Tekumel, and characters are fully interchangeable between them. Jason's character is a good example, having been created for Chris' campaign and adventuring in the section of the Jakalla underworld Chris mapped out. The week after that, he played in my game, exploring the island I've created off the coast of Jakalla.