Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DISCUSSION - Good News From The Foundation

Victor Raymond released some Tekumel Foundation updates via George Hammond to dilineate amongst the U-CON Tekumel Track attendees. He subsequently posted this news to the Tekumel Yahoo group board as follows:


Hello all,

Shortly before UCon, I spoke to Victor Raymond, President of the Tekumel
Foundation. He provided me with some information to share at UCon and with those
who couldn't make the convention. Some of this has been posted here before, but
since I compiled it for folks who attend the Con but don't read the messages, I
figured I might as well post it all in one place.

--There is a publication forthcoming. It will be a digital edition of the
pre-publication playtest version of Empire of the Petal Throne. This is the very
first rule set Professor Barker wrote for Tekumel, in 1974, after he was
introduced to Dungeons & Dragons.

--Jeff Dee's set of Tekumel rules (entitled "Bethorm") is in playtest, and he
and the Foundation are working out a contract/licensing agreement.

--Talzhemir's paper miniatures are also being prepared for commercial release
and official approval; a contract is in the works.

--Howard Fielding's Tekumel Project, a line of miniatures for Tekumel, is
continuing. Professor Barker and the Foundation are very happy with his work. We
got to see samples at U-Con, they look great!

--Bill Hartley is still working on a rule set for Tekumel using Wizards of the
Coast's Open Gaming License. He doesn't post here; see the forum
thread here for more information:

--Although Zottola Publishing has ended publication, there are still copies of
the Tekumel novels available from and from Tita's House of Games.
Tita's may still have some that are autographed by the Professor too.

--The Foundation has employed an intellectual property lawyer, and they are busy
resolving 35+ years worth of publishing contracts and other arrangements

-- The Foundation's major summer project was to move Professor Barker's Tekumel
archives out of his basement and garage, and into secure climate-controlled
storage. They are getting started on indexing and sorting is happening now. One
of the members of the Foundation board is a university librarian, so they have
some good advice on how to proceed.

--The electronic version of the Tekumel Sourcebook (Swords & Glory) is not
imminent, but might be done some time in 2012.

That's all my news. If you want to contact the Tekumel Foundation, you can email

Best Regards,



This is wonderful news all around. Thank you for passing along the updates!


  1. Hi Peter,

    A couple of the links are broken:

    And the Tekumel Foundation link has a space in it - looks like.

  2. All of the links have been fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

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