Saturday, October 1, 2011

EVENT - UCON , Reminder! - gaming event November 11-13

Ann Arbor, Michigan will again be host city of the annual UCON gaming event. This has over time become the major Tekumel convention of the year! Many Tekumelphiles go to this event as often as they can make the trip. There has been a "Tekumel Track" there every year. Go ahead and plan your trip to UCON now. Have fun! And if you do go, please send us a link to your gallery of photos and/or videos! If you do not have a website of your own, and you would like to submit them for us to post here, that would be fine as well. I can be reached via murdockpeter (at) the gmail thingy. Or you can just reply to this post or any other post via Comments with links to your galleries of UCON shots and videos.

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