Saturday, October 8, 2011

EVENT - Interview With Tekumel Artist Jeff Dee

Greetings Tekumel fans! I had the unique opportunity today to do an interview with Jeff Dee, of recent Tekumel artistry fame, and of long time D&D, Villains & Vigilantes, Quicksilver, Living Legends and Twerps equal fame. We had a very nice conversation covering his many years within the gaming and comic art industry. There were some nice anecdotal stories intermingled with our chat on Tekumel and art topics harkening back to the very early days of role-playing as an industry. Feel free to listen to the audio recording of the interview here.  It is listed on that page as "EPISODE2 - tekumelanicon's Community Call". Just click on Listen image to hear it within your brower (popups may need to be allowed for it to work).

**As a short disclaimer, any unpublished/non-contracted materials spoken of during the short interview are obviously subject to change.**

For some examples of Jeff's early and recent works as well as a short biography please see this list of resources:


Work Examples:

I hope you enjoy the interview. And THANK YOU again to Jeff Dee.

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