Thursday, September 22, 2011

ARTICLE - Fight On #2 Free to Download, EPT Adventure Included

Greetings Tekumel Fans! This may be a known article by some, but I had not seen it before as I am not a subscriber to the "Fight On!" magazine. The Issue #2 pdf of Fight On! is now free to download on LULU. First, it's a very nice fanzine. This puppy is 90 pages long, and it has a good amount of useful material as opposed to fluff. Here is the free lulu download page. Look for a Tekumel adventure in there called The Red Gem of High Cartography : A non-canonical Empire of the Petal Throne adventure by Edsan playtested by Andy Cook, Sarah Gordon, and Ollie Stewart. It's a good Tekumel read even if you don't plan on playing it through. The e-pub version of Fight On! is usually $3.99 so this is a perfect opportunity for you to see what is in a typical issue. The EPT adventure in question is 17 & 1/2 pages long. It's well done as well.

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  1. there is a city map in one of the other adventures that looks useful as well..