Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EVENT - Two play-by-post campains restarting soon

Victor Raymond's online Play-by-Post game is in the process of restarting here -


(Insert gratuitous self plug!)
My own Play-by-Post campaign is due to restart within a week over here-


-My offering utilizes a Tekumel conversion of the D6 Fantasy rules. (D6 Fantasy is now a FREE open source rule-set, found here in online srd format) My conversion notes can be found here.
-I believe Victor is running the original EPT whitebox.
-My game has room for '1' additional player.
-You will have to contact Victor on behalf of his game to determine if there are openings still in his campaign.

If you are aware of any ADDITIONAL play-by-post games that are actively 'in play', reply with a link please by adding a comment to this posting.


  1. Would love to join, but I'm in Victo's game. That doesn't preclude me from playing in yours, but if there is only 1 spot, I should bow out to allow someone not in a game to play.

  2. No problem at all. Hopefully down the road I would like to open it up to 2 to 3 GMs sharing 'this Tekumel' as they say. I'm keen on the "Shared Fantasy" paradigm that Chris has been writing about on Hill Canton blog.

  3. If you do need players at some point, please consider me. My address is rleduc with a 3 a 2 and a 1 at tge gmail. Thanks!